Thursday, December 9, 2010

So, so cool.

Did you ever have a moment where you were feeling awesome. Just super freakin cool. Whatever it was...your hair looks great, you got new shoes, your face just looks good to you today? And then something happens. Somehow you have an encounter of some kind or type of reality. Whether it be a mirror or a mother, something brought you back to reality. Wham. You should have looked at the back of your slamin' hairdo. You stepped in some gum. A giant zit developed over lunch.
I finally wore a new hat I got from Banana Republic today. Very cute hat. But as all women know, hats are tricky. You like it in the store but you know that the likelihood of you really wearing it proud are kinda slim. That's just hats for ya. So I was thinking...this is great..this cute little knit hat will cover my scary heap of morning hair while I bravely drop my daughter off at school. No one will be the wiser. Then I got home and saw the mirror. Bummer dude. I thought the hat was an even circle that you could just throw on but now I see that you need to put it on evenly. It is askew. And not in the cool way of pop singers or rappers...where its on purpose. Nope, its in the sloppy way of mothers who run around screaming about shoes early in the morning.
I going back to the no mirror approach. I prefer the "I look super cool" feeling.