Monday, November 8, 2010

We are getting nuts, people!

Well I started out my morning hearing some crazy talk. Seriously, people. I was watching the illustrious "Today Show" while trying to get my munchkins out the door. They were discussing little boys dressing as little girls. I thought maybe, just maybe I would hear a balanced interview about how it could be good or bad? No, of course not. They proceeded to say that it's all about acceptance. You should just learn to accept your young child and their want/desire to dress like a little boy or girl..whatever it is they aren't, basically. One women even wrote a children's book about her cross dressing son and how we should all just accept this.
Do you know the kind of things my son would do if I let him or just accepted him doing it? He would play computer games all day long. He would pee in his pants and not bother to go the the bathroom. He would eat all his Halloween candy the day he got it and then throw up. He would not clean this throw up, either. He would just walk away. He would probably never learn to share. The list truly goes on and on. I love this boy to distraction and I accept him. I accept that he is 3 1/2 and doesn't know a whole lot about a whole lot. That where my job comes in and the job of my husband. We are his teachers about life. Yes..he teaches us everyday too. But our job is direct him in the best path for his life. Just because he may want to dress up like a girl with his sister once and a while does not mean that I should "accept" him in this activity if he wants to do it for school. And I would not allow him to dress up like a girl for Halloween either. (Which was one of the stories the Today show covered.) Yes, that him in the pic dressed up like some kind of princess with his sister. We let him do it a couple of times because it was super funny and then told him that we were done with that. Simple. I am so over people telling me and everyone else how PC we should be. We are so PC we are straight messing our kids up. So...even though I am learning how to do this everyday...this parenting least I am trying to be just that...the parent.

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  1. I love this! I totally one hundred percent agree with you! Acceptance is one thing... but how about taking responsibility as a parent? People say accept so that its not their fault: they were just born that way people say. Praise God there are some people in america that still have some sense of moral values and responsibilities. God Bless You girl and keep standing up for what is right... ill always stand with you.